The Room of Necessities.

3x21608919_10203158838361351_1147501163_nTHE ROOM OF NECESSITIES

The Room of Necessities is a business model aimed at the valorisation of synergies between environmental and territorial resources through a creative approach. In concrete, it is based on the in-house production and marketing of design products made from industrial waste and from everyday objects (furniture, memorabilia, clothes) that we often throw in the garbage although they still work or could be easily repaired.
The Room of Necessities was invented by Camilla and Daria, two housemates from the university years who collaborated to the creation of several design objects based on the recovery and reuse of things coming from the dump in Capannori. Their work was displayed at the “Loft is Beautiful” exhibition organised by Gabetti Casa during the 2014 Milan Furniture Fair.

The Room of Necessities will be a laboratory for the auto-production, the design and the creation of design object based on the recovery and reuse of recycled material.
In particular, the activities of the Room of Necessities will be:

  • Manufacturing of objects, furniture and clothes made with recycled material from local factories, from the local waste management service and from privates;
  • Creation of objects and furniture on commission;
  • Repairing;
  • Sales of third-party’s objects, e.g. Temporary stores.


twitter: lastanza00
istagram: la_stanza_delle_necessita00
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