NOVA2020: Project NOVA and Europe

Europe must maximise the intrinsic economic and social value of its cultural heritage. This idea should be at the centre of an innovation based on this heritage, in order to seize the opportunities represented by digital processes and to promote internationally our experience on the usage of cultural heritage. All over the EU we must encourage a closer relation between the citizens and the museums, using new techniques and technologies to attract visitors, especially the young ones. I am happy that our cultural heritage will receive a stronger support over the next 7 years” Androulla Vassiliou (European Commissioner for culture)

On July 22nd, the political document “Towards an integrated approach to the European cultural heritage” of the Commission highlighted the opportunities for member States and stakeholders to cooperate closer with each other and to ensure that the European cultural heritage will create more jobs.
Project NOVA follows on this idea. It is a strategically structured plan where different European opportunities can be applied in a unitary project, without relying on a myriad of micro and small grants.
Following the main principles of Europe 2020, the decennial strategy for employment growth launched in 2010 to overcome the economic crisis in the Union and to create the conditions for sustainable growth, NOVA IS (and will be more and more):

  • CULTURE: industrial archaeology, cultural hub, start up, artistic residency, base for start-ups, historical heritage, historical memory, archive, concerts, performances, workshops…
  • SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: social innovation, partnerships, tourism, environmental preservation, technological development
  • EDUCATION: library, classes, laboratories, talent promotion…
  • ACTIVE PARTICIPATION: performances & events, Urban Centre, public-private…

… and synergies, networking, master plans, community, identity, future.

In order to make the better usage of the opportunities offered by our cultural heritage, we joined a European network of associations working on similar topics.
NOVA Creative Worksite, held in the Vaccari facilities, was the first action. During three days, different actors such as La Friche Belle de Mai (Marsiglia – FR) or Cable Factory (Helsinki – FIN), met to discuss the best plan of action to regenerate abandoned areas. We created important contacts and were able reflect on our common strengths before participating to the tenders coming up in the 2014-2020 planning.

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