The Project

Since the very first day after the closure of the Vaccari factory , we have chosen not to let it fade into obscurity as it happens too often in Italy to disused industrial plants. We decided to keep the factory in the spotlight through several initiatives…

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Nuovo Opificio Calibratura

The project’s aim is to find a proper location for the ”Ceramica Vaccari Archive”: a suitable conclusion of a work which lasted several years involving the recovery and cataloguing of historical materials and old tools still abandoned in the plant…

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F.A.I: The places of Heart

Every year the FAI conducts the “Places of the heart” survey, a research on Italy’s most loved places, in order to promote their safeguard and to preserve them for future generations. So far we saved 25 places; churches…

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WIP: news from us!

In the height of summer, NOVA is growing fast! With events, new working sites and creative workshops, tenders and appointments, we have more and more... Read more

Photographic Guided Tour

In the occasion of the Wiki Loves Monument 2014, the international contest for the valorisation of historical and architectonic monuments: DO NOT MISS THIS EVENT!... Read more

The President of the Liguria Regional Council presents NOVA

“The recovery of the old pottery factory Vaccari allowed us to create an innovative cultural hub and to establish an historical archive of the factory”,... Read more

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