The museum on the Move.

Logo Asso.FitramThe History of Assofitram

In 2005, in La Spezia, six young supporters of public transportation founded the association FITRAM, from the name from the old La Spezia city bus company. The main aim of the association is to safeguard public transportation. FITRAM begun to collect buses, trolley buses, historical documentation, memorabilia, old projects and other objects concerning public transports. The goal is to create a Museum with these objects as well as vintage buses that still work. This is the reason for the slogan “The Museum on the move”. Visitors will get to know the history of local public transports and the stories of the people who worked for it; a fundamental part of the history of welfare State in our country. Today Assofitram operates on a national level and new local branches will soon open with the aim of setting up a National Museum


Fitram wants to set up a museum within the former Vaccari factory, a moving and static museum at the same time. The factory can host a vintage bus and a vintage trolley bus, showcases for the memorabilia, the pictures and the documents. There will also be a dedicated library open for consultation. The buses will be accompanied by multimedia panels, videos and other material to entertain the visitors. Furthermore, we will set up conservation and modelling laboratories, so that people from any age will be able to contribute to the creation of the Museums, exhibiting their work. FITRAM does not want a static museum, but an open structure for the community, connected to the local activities, the territory, and the other initiatives of Project Nova. After dreaming for years, the Museum on the Move is ready for departure!



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