The idea
The Municipality has set as its urban policy the requalification of the existing public and private unused buildings in the transforming areas. This policy has the potential to trigger virtuous cultural, social and economic development processes in the territory in order to promote and support specific projects addressed to all citizens. The municipal administration has chosen some areas where operators can create activities, designed for the community, that can become a real resource to develop social life and culture in its broadest meaning.

NOVA Project is a huge think tank yielding ideas and activities oriented towards experimentation, research, development, production and the search for new languages, new knowledge and new techniques.
It is a place where youngsters are both cultural production makers and beneficiaries of activities and events.
It is a place open to all innovative proposals linked to the most dynamic realities in town and in the national and international scenario.
It is a dynamic centre available 24/7 all year long.
In spring 2014 the first competition announcement for the assignment of some Vaccari buildings (previously in bailment to the Municipality) took place.
The attendance was high and on June 5th the commission met.
The proposals which were found to be innovative and interesting, in agreement with the goals set by the competition announcement, are those coming from: Associazione Fitram, Cardelli & Fontana, La Stanza delle Necessità, Associazione cuturale Gli Scarti, Industrie Musicali (in collaboration with ACIM)

The agreement signed by the operators and the Municipality is among the innovative partnership forms between public and private bodies: in fact operators will avail themselves of the venues for free during the bailment; in return they will commit themselves to reorganise the place making it liveable. Moreover they will have to grant services with an important social repercussion for the local community.

Therefore NOVA has its first lodgers!

To learn more about them:
Associazione Asso.Fitram
Galleria Cardelli&Fontana
La Stanza delle Necessità
Associazione Culturali Scarti
Industrie Musicali & AICM

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