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The owner of the multi-purpose music centre is Mr. Gabriele Pellegrinelli.
The centre will be made of:
1. Rehearsal rooms for monthly renting
2. Recording studio + rehearsal rooms for hourly renting
3. Teaching rooms for music theory and practice, classes, seminars, etc
4. Laboratory of applied electronics in the music industry
5. Large room for live concerts, exhibitions, conferences, fairs, etc

The centre collaborates with the A.C.I.M. association for the organisation of events. ACIM (Cultural Association for Musical Initiatives) has been active on our territory since 2004 and it promotes live events for songwriters and progressive rock, with the help of young musicians, established professionals, as well as famous national artists. The association has organised many festivals around the province. More recently, thanks to the help of people interested in expanding the spectrum of activities of our association, we organised activities on art-therapy, conferences on how music interacts with other forms of art, music history and the teaching of history. We think that the Vaccari area would be an ideal place for our events, as it is easy to reach from any part of the province.

Omar Pellegrinelli 3477770917
Claudio Barone 3405685136

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